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Quicken Loans “A Solution That Works” hits Forbes.com

We’ve written a lot this week about our Chairman Dan Gilbert’s proposal to fix the housing crisis – A Solution That Works – so we wanted to share a big moment for the team working on it. The lovely people at the Associated Press (AP) wrote about it and we’ve subsequently been picked up by a few sites/newspapers. One major milestone in particular is a feature on Forbes.com!

The story itself is about Michigan Senator Debbie Stabenow and her opinion on the bailout, noting that "99 percent of the people we heard from" at her office opposed the bill. She said she preferred something closer to "A Solution That Works" which really addresses the struggling American homeowner. Couldn’t agree more myself!

So check it out and continue to spread the word – you can find the contacts for your government leaders on our "What can I do?" page. Hopefully we’ll have more progress to report soon!

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  1. WOW!!! This gives me hope. It’s good to know that so many are rallying behind a real “Solution That Works” I have no doubt that it will reach the White House or hopefully the next president if it hasn’t already!

    Posted by: Delphia S | October 11, 2008

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