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See what you were doing in 2001 with Google 2001

Google 2001 is really cool!If you haven’t seen Google 2001, you are missing out on history.

It’s really cool.

The Google, as part of the celebration of its being the dominate power in the known universe, is offering actual search results from 2001. This is actually part of Google’s 10 year anniversary, but for some reason, they can’t offer results from 1998, so they are going with 2001.

That’s fine with me, as 2001 just happens to be when I started using Google on a daily basis.

Prior to that, I was a strict Altavista fan. Then I discovered Google and I’ve loved it ever since.

It’s really interesting to search stuff and see what comes up. You can even view the old results with archives. Really cool, as I said.

For example, if you search "Quicken Loans" you’ll find that our beloved website, www.quickenloans.com, didn’t even exist yet (back then it was www.quicken.quickenloans.com).

If you search my name "Clayton Closson" you get results that show I’m a senior publicist with the City of Detroit (and the unofficial official webmaster for the City’s very bad website – whew that site was bad…)

If you seach "Kelly LaVaute" you find no results. No surprising, since Kelly was probably like 10 years old back then.

Here’s a cool one. Search "IPod" and you get some really weird results that have nothing to do with what we think of as iPod. I wonder how Apple got all these other iPods to disapear????

Well, check out Google 2001 and see what the world and you were doing 7 years ago.

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