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“A Solution That Works” and how you can help

Quicken Loans Chairman Dan Gilbert's Housing Proposal - "A Solution That Works" and how you can help by whatsthediffblog, on Flickr

So you read about the housing proposal from our Chairman. And you agree. But what next? How can you help us get it passed into law?

There’s a couple fresh new efforts we’ve started since our last post here on the DIFF. Here’s a few places you can find us now:

1) Dan has a personal blog! ChooseThinking.com is the place to find new thoughts from the man himself.

2) A Solution That Works is on Twitter. Everybody’s tweeting….even my Mom is on Twitter. You may have already heard about our Quicken Loans Twitter or Quizzle Twitter accounts before, but to help spread the word of our fantastic housing proposal, you can follow @ASolution for updates to our progress.

3) I started a Facebook group! We’ve got 205 members (and counting) in less than 36 hours. If you don’t have a Facebook account, you should get one. Then you can join our group and start stalking all those bullies from high school. I mean, uhhh….reconnect with friends. To join our group, just search "A Solution That Works" on Facebook and we’ll be the first result. Or you can friend me and I’ll invite you to the party.

4) Lots of people are talking about this. So we’ve started collecting links in the tastiest bookmarking site on the web – Delicious. To see who is talking about us, go to Delicious.com/ASolutionThatWorks. And if we’re missing anything there, let me know and I’ll add it.

Outside of these fun new things, there’s an incredibly helpful "What Can I Do?" link on the official ASolutionThatWorks.com site. If you’re too lazy to click, I’ll paraphrase what it says here:

ONE: Spread the word about this plan and website however you can. E-mail; a phone call to a friend; with family over the dinner table; on your blog, personal website or Twitter stream – whatever. 

Print it out and take it with you to the Friday football game, the coffee shop, the office.  Ask others what they think, if the plan makes as much sense as we think it does. Ask them if it helps homeowners and small-businesses and average Americans struggling to survive the death spiral of rising mortgage payments, falling property values and sky-rocketing foreclosure rates.

Ask them how the plan might be improved (and let us know),  and ask them if it would help them personally.  In otherwords, just talk about it and debate it and pick it apart, if you think it could be better.

TWO: Contact your Congressperson, Senator, State Representative, Governor, the Secretary of the Treasury, the President. It’s an election year, so contact both of the Presidential Candidates John McCain and Barack Obama while you’re at it.

Ask ALL OF them if they’ve seen “A Solution That Works.” If they haven’t, give them them the address to this site or offer to email or mail them a copy.  If you like sending letters, simply print off the plan and send it to them with a sticky note asking them to take a look at it.  Once you’ve done that, follow-up to see what they think.

Don’t know how to contact your government reps? Alas, here I am to the rescue again:

As you can see, we’ve made it far too easy for you to NOT do anything. And if your voice won’t do any good, you’re wrong. Every tweet, link, phone call, e-mail, blog post and conversation will help us make a difference for the housing crisis and America’s economy. All we’re asking for you to help yourselves, us and each other. So please, take a minute or two to read what our proposal is all about and spread the word. We appreciate every single bit of help you can give.

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  1. This seems to make sense. I would love to see it placed in action. I hope this is heard.

    Posted by: Joyce Gajda | October 13, 2008

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