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Space tourist returns with $30M less in his pocket but with memories you’ll never have

Space Tourism on the Quicken Loans blogSpace is the final frontier. And it’s gonna remain that way for a long time if it costs $30,000,000 to be a space tourist.

Trust me, I’d love nothing more than to visit space. I just need it to come down about $29,990,000 in cost before I can consider it. I could probably afford 10 grand. It’ll be there one day. I can wait.

Until then, I can dream about being someone like video game mogul Richard Garriott, who CNN reports just returned from a 10-day and $30M visit to the International Space Station, courtesy of the Russian Space Tourism program. Like I said, I’d buy a ticket if I could afford one.

And no, silly, that’s not Garriott in the picture. But that is Lakia, the first dog to successfully make it back from space. Lakia was a street mutt who became a national Soviet hero when she blasted off and returned safely in Sputnik 2.

Anyway, back to Garriott.

According to CNN, here’s some info on Garriott’s awesome trip:

Garriott said the flight was a fulfillment of his dream to follow
in the footsteps of his father, former NASA astronaut Owen Garriott.
The elder Garriott flew on the second U.S. Skylab mission in 1973, a
forerunner of the International Space Station.

"What a great
ride that was," said Garriott in comments reported by The Associated
Press. "This is obviously a pinnacle experience."

I’m so envious of him. I’ve done a fair amount of traveling in my days and I hope I can make it out to space. There actually is a space tourism site out there on space.com, but for now the thrill of black holes and oxygen-deprived atmosphere is limited to those with money to burn. And that ain’t me.

Welcome back Garriott


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  1. Daddy,
    Can we all travel to space as a family? It’d be really cool if I can go there with Daddy, Mommy and my brother Aiden. It’be cooler if we could take Momo, Ryu-chan and Auntie Chiyuki. We can have a big bone party out there. By the way, is there Pet Smart in space where can buy all kinds of chewies?

    Posted by: Grover Goto | October 24, 2008

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