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Hillshire Farms and Guitar Hero spots cut through the clutter

I’m a big TV watcher. Trueblood, Sons of Anarchy, South Park, Simpsons, Family Guy, Scrubs, American Dad, King of the Hill… And if you’re anything like me, you know how many commercial advertisements you get pummeled with in a single night.

So let’s say you’re a packaged goods company and you want to break through the clutter… How do you do it? Extraordinary creative. That’s how. I have two examples here of spots that are certainly the DIFF in both Ad Land and Consumer Ville. You know you have a good spot when you can watch and rewatch over and over again. These both qualify.

First, Hillshire Farms: GO MEAT–Backyard BBQ. Sausage isn’t necessarily an easy thing to talk about in advertising… at least not in today’s oversaturated, jaded, animal-loving, diet-laden world. And yet, Hillshire Farms truly breaks through the monotony of commercials that just aren’t trying quite as hard as they used to… or, trying too hard to impress a jaded target market. My favorite part? The crazy roboto move the "Hawaiian shirt guy" does half way through the spot. He makes the whole thing. Great idea, great connection with the target market and an even better execution. You can check the spot out above on YouTube.

Okay, the second one is a much easier product to "Coolify"… mostly because it already is cool. The Guitar Hero video game seemingly wouldn’t be a tough product to advertise. But the real novelty here is the collection of random talent that they pulled together for the spot, and the unexpected enthusiasm of the lead singer. I have to say, Kobe hadn’t impressed me before, but his lack of reserve is this spot may just change my mind. I also totally appreciate the nod to Risky Business. There’s a real advantage to rewarding the viewer in TV ads.

This ad agency did a great job of appealing to all ages (because they know their target market is really growing broader every day) by using a variety of different and unexpected athletes, as well as giving a nod to a film that the majority of young viewers have never seen. Love it, Guitar Hero Ad Agency, whoever you are. I’m wildly impressed. Oh, and Kobe… nice moves.

Watch the Guitar Hero Risky Business spot here on YouTube:

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