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Detroit’s Sacred Places – how the Detroit Institute of Arts used social media to promote an exhibit

Detroits Sacred Places is a great example of art and social media used togetherThis is a story of two things I love – art and social media – coming together in a cool way.

This past summer, the Detroit Institute of Arts (we call it the DIA here in the D) had an exhibit Kenro Izu: Sacred Places and wanted to promote it. It was a cool exhibit by the way.

So, the DIA set up a Detroit’s Sacred Places Flickr page, a blog called Detroit Sacred Places, and asked anyone interested to submit a photo that was their version of somewhere in Detroit they consider sacred.

The winner is this pic (I don’t think I’m allowed to copy it here so I’ll just link to it). It’s amazing. A tree sapling growing out of rotting books at a defunct and abandoned DPS book warehouse. Out of urban decay and neglect, life shines through and continues.  I love it.

Here are the other winners.

Here’s some info on the Detroit Sacred Places project:

In conjunction with the exhibition Kenro Izu: Sacred Places, the Detroit Institute of Arts is organizing an online photo contest that invites DIA visitors, the online community, and the general public to submit photos that capture their interpretation of sacred Detroit. Exhibition curators Nancy Barr and Amelia Chau, as well as Kyohei Abe, professor of photography at the College for Creative Studies, will review and comment on a selection of the submissions in a blog. The winner of the contest will receive prizes, including a signed copy of Izu’s Bhutan: The Sacred Within, two front-row seats to Izu’s lecture on September 14, 2008, admission for two to the post-lecture strolling supper, and a DIA Companion Membership. There will be an additional prize given to the second place photo including a signed copy of Bhutan as well as a DIA Companion Membership.

Props to the DIA for Detroit’s Sacred Places and a cool use of social media to promote their exhibit. Not sure how sucessful it was, but the winning picture is certainly worth the entire promotion. The other pics are pretty darn cool as well, so please check them out.

Are there any examples from readers from another city of something like this?

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