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Happy Bloody Mary Day!

Happy Bloody Mary Day! More on www.WhatsTheDIFF.com

Need an excuse to celebrate a Monday? Today marks the 75th anniversary of the Bloody Mary, so mix up a batch of everyone’s favorite brunch cocktail and celebrate, like the revelers today in Times Square who happily participated in todays official Bloody Mary Toast.

According to the New York Post, the Bloody Mary was invented by Fernand Petiot in the 1920s in Paris. But it wasn’t until Petiot moved to New York and started working St. Regis Hotel in the 1930s that his invention reached perfection with the addition of Tabasco.

Throughout the US you’ll see plenty of variations on the Bloody Mary, which has become a favorite breakfast cocktail and hangover cure due to the fortunate inclusion of Vitamin C-rich tomato juice. 

I’ve had a lot of Bloody’s in my time. While living in New Orleans I developed a taste for Lafitte’s Spicy Bloody Mary, spiked with a generous dollop of horseradish and garnished with a crunchy picked green bean. During my time in Seattle I got turned on to the Bloody Caesar – a Bloody Mary with Clamato and often garnished with a boiled shrimp. (Better than it sounds! Trust me!)

Whether you add worschetershire, chili paste, radishes, or Kosher salt, take time today to toast the birthday of what might be what be the healthiest thing to ever happen to vodka.

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