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Last Friday it was cool to own a HUMMER

A HUMMER in the snow is coolI’m one of those people that pretty much dislikes HUMMERs.

I don’t really like how they look, how big they are, how they consume resources, or how their owners usually drive them -  with that "I will roll over you like the Terminator and keep going as though I didn’t notice" attitude. And half the time, they probably wouldn’t notice.

Usually, and especially when gas was over 4 bucks a gallon, I like to point and laugh at HUMMER owners, gleefully telling myself how happy I am I get 40 miles to a gallon and they get like, 8.

But last Friday it was all different. It snowed over a foot here in Detroit. Nobody was laughing at anyone in a HUMMER. Nobody.

In fact, I watched them drive through the snow, with confidence and motor swagger, while I gripped my steering wheel like a little girl on a roller coaster. I was scared and nervous and freaking out.

The HUMMER rode through the mess, the driver hardly throwing a glance at the peasants and wimps in their little 4-cylinder sleds, sliding off the road into ditches and ravines. I saw Mustangs in ditches. Toyotas in ditches. Hondas and Buicks in ditches.

But not one HUMMER. Nope. Not one.

So, for one day – this past Friday – the first big winter storm this season in Michigan, I saluted HUMMER owners and wished I was one. I envied them and wanted to be them. I wanted to roll down the frozen and treacherous roads with no fear – determined, proud, powerful, and vicious.

I wanted a HUMMER. I wanted one bad.

But today, I’m back to normal. I’m glad I don’t own one and I pretty much hate them again.

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  1. Is that Hummer driving over the peak of a mountain?

    Posted by: Mark | December 23, 2008

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