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Solar-powered bags – Last-minute Gift Idea for the Greenies in your Life

solar powered bag

Wondering what to get the eco-conscious people in your life this holiday season? If a hybrid car is beyond your budget, and an in-kitchen composter is a little too weird, you might consider giving a solar-powered handbag or back pack.

That’s right folks, you can plug in your laptop, cell phone, camera, recharger batteries, or GPS right into your personal portable solar cell. How many times have you been stuck looking for an outlet in an airport of coffee shop?

You can give your friends and family freedom from plug panic with this practical present.

There are several companies in the business of providing these energized tote alternatives. Reware features a colorful variety of well-made "Juicebags" out of Atlanta, GA. Picard, a German-based company, sells a couple of stylish, subtle, solar-powered bags made from leather. Voltaic out of NYC makes an affordable line of practical backpacks and messenger bags with a series of adapters. Noon Solar,
a company started by textile and fiber artists in Chicago, offers a
lovely collection of colors and styles for the crunchy fashionistas in
your life.

But perhaps the most affordable source for solar powered gear is Eclipse,
based out of Texas. Not only do they have a wide variety of bags at reasonable prices, but they’re also offering an additional 10% discount
this month – just in time for gift grabbing!

So bring some renewable energy into the lives of those you love by
giving the gift that really DOES keep on giving! Or maybe you’re done
with your shopping (I hate you), and you can just get one for yourself!

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  1. Offhand do you know how much these will run me?

    Posted by: Kriste | December 22, 2008
  2. The lower end bags are about $150, but they can go as high as $800. All in all, cheaper than your average Jimmy Choo handbag – and more pracical, too!

    Posted by: Rebecca | December 26, 2008

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