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Tyson Foods Hunger Relief

Tyson Hunger Relief is the DIFFWow. Tyson Foods has done some cool stuff with their blog.

Today it was all over Twitter that Tyson was donating food to the hungry in the Boston area.

What was unique about it was that Tyson was asking folks to visit the blog Tyson Hunger Relief and simply leave a comment.

For every comment left, Tyson would donate 100 pounds of food, in conjunction with the Greater Boston Food Bank and Boston’s Social Media Breakfast.

They got so many comments they filled two trucks full of food and reached their goal in just a few hours. As of this post, there has been 881 comments.

And reading the blog, I see they’ve done this in other cities.

What a great example of using a corporate blog to raise awareness for and help a cause that is directly related to Tyson’s core business. This is one of the best examples of using social media for cause marketing that I’ve ever seen.

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  1. Tyson has made some questionable decisions at a number of their plants in regards to employee rights. I do my best to avoid Tyson foods whenever possible!

    Posted by: Frank the Tank | December 11, 2008

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