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Panera Bread: Free Coffee & Breakfast Samples Today Only!

Free coffee at Panera today! January 28, 2009 The DIFF looooooooves free. Don't you? You love the DIFF too, right? Great…then we'll let you in on a little secret.

Only today, warm up by going to Panera and getting a free cup of coffee. They're also having samples of all their breakfast specials! If you're looking for more than a sample, I do recommend the Cinnamon Crunch bagel with Honey Walnut cream cheese. I heard they're also removing the calories from this delicacy  today too. (No, they're not. I just tell myself that.)

As if free goodies and coffee weren't enough, I also found this on their website:

When you visit on January 28th for free coffee and delicious breakfast
samples, we also invite you to donate $1 to support our Operation
Dough-Nation® Community BreadboxTM program.
Participating bakery-cafes will match the amount raised, up to $250 per
bakery-cafe, with funds going to support local programs that address
community needs.

Awesome! Feel good + Free stuff = DIFF.

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  1. Yeah! Sounds awesome to me. Thanks!

    Posted by: Anna | Free Samples | March 13, 2010

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