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Quicken Loans conserves energy – turning up the green volume

With so many organizations stepping up their level of environmental awareness, sustainable business practices are being rapidly redefined. Some examples of green progress include Nike's vow to become climate neutral, Procter & Gamble's creation of more environmentally friendly products, and Target's commitment to reduce toxic materials from products and packaging.

Clearly, the bar is being raised. Not to be outdone, Quicken Loans has been hard at work keeping green. Being an online company, we already offer the as-paperless-as legally-possible mortgage. We make it  easy to recycle glass, paper and plastic in our work spaces. And our employees actively engage in carpools, organized through our company intranet. So what else can we do?

We can stop using unnecessary energy! How? Starting this month, Quicken Loans will reduce power consumption by automatically powering off all computer at night. It might not seem like much, but even when a computer is in standby mode it's using some juice.

The energy appliances use when they're not in use is known as vampire energy, and you'd be surprised at just how much your tv and microwave are using just sitting around and doing nothing. Computers are no different. It's been estimated that a computer in standby mode uses over 300 kilowatts of energy annually. At 11 cents a kilowatt hour, that comes to about $34 a year for just doing nothing. As a company, you can multiply that number by hundreds or even thousands, and the annual savings of powering off computers, is not insignificant! So not only is being green good for the environment, it's good for the bottom line!

At Quicken Loans we have a saying: The inches we need are everywhere around us. It's another way of saying that every little thing you do can help make a big impact. We're applying that advice to our green efforts, and hope you will too! By looking for the inches, we can all truly make a Diff!

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