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Happy Birthday Quizzle!

Quizzle Happy Birthday - Who can belive it's been a year?Our beloved Quizzle is now one and let me tell you, we are proud of our little success story!

In fact, Quizzle is probably the coolest website I've ever been involved with (except this blog, of course).

What started as a crazy idea has turned into a crazy success.

A crazy idea indeed.

Offer a free credit report. A free mortgage analysis. A free home value report. A free budget review. And a free rainy day fund review.  And what's the catch? We just want you to like us and consider us when you are looking for a mortgage or other financial services. That's it.

Did I mention Quizzle is free?

We were a little worried that folks wouldn't believe it was truly free, but that hasn't happened. The opposite has happened, we are happy to report. People not only have signed up for Quizzle, they've done so in numbers we hardly expected, but certainly are proud of. And Quizzle hasn't gone unnoticed by the media. Clark Howard and Kim Komando both gave Quizzle props, and we've been mentioned all over the place in blogs and newspapers, including the mighty Wall Street Journal.

Here's a rundown of some numbers as Quizzle celebrates one year:

0 dollars spent to-date in advertising 
1 year of life-experience in the books
132 thousand new people living in Quizzle-land
257 people have improved their mortgage or bought a home through Quizzle
550 thousand new people have checked-out the site

We like them numbers!

Happy birthday Quizzle. We love you and really appreciate the free credit report and other stuff. Free is good. No, forget that. Free is GREAT!

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  1. Congrats to Quizzler in Chief Todd Alberry, the most handsome man on Earth.

    Posted by: MrSarcastic | February 12, 2009
  2. Gee, thanks Dr. Dunk. That means an awful lot to me coming from Mr. Sarcastic. How’s the pole treating you these days? When you coming back? Happy Quizzling my friend!

    Posted by: MrQuizzle | February 13, 2009

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