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ESPN features Fathead

ESPN features FatheadEverybody's favorite life-size wall graphic company (that would be Fathead, silly)  has just been featured in a really cool article in the ESPN the Magazine.

Full disclosure here – Fathead is a sister company of Quicken Loans, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't write about them even if they weren't.

The thing is, Fatheads are cool. And we like cool stuff.

And the ESPN article has already spun off a follow-up article about NBA and MLB superstars that are denied Fathead status – guys like Shaq. Shaq is not a Fathead. Woah.

Anyway, enjoy the short reads and go get yourself a Fathead to put on your mancave (or your man's mancave) wall. Or wherever you want. Put that Fathead up and be proud.

You've earned it!

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