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Twitart hits the pages of Twitter Power – get a really cool Twitter background

Twitart offers cool Twitter backgroundsImagine how surprised we were when we found out that one of the DIFF crew was featured in a new book that promises to help you "dominate your market one tweet at a time."

That's right. The DIFF's own Chris Kaufman (aka Dr. Kaufman) runs a side hustle called Twitart and it is turning out to be one helluva side hustle. In fact, it's such a great idea that it deserves a coveted spot as "something that is the DIFF."

Anyway, a new book from NY Times best-selling author Joel Comm called Twitter Power features Twitart as a great spot to get a really cool and professional looking Twitter background. And that it is.

Actually, Twitart is enjoying a bit of an explosion in business and popularity lately, due to the fact it has two very important elements on its side:

  1. it's cool
  2. it's inexpensive

Sounds good to me.

Here are some of Twitart's current clients:

  1. Quicken Loans
  2. Baby Banz
  3. Geni Whitehouse
  4. Hank Wasiak
  5. The Stylistic
  6. Quizzle
  7. Kelly LaVaute
  8. Canvas Cubed
  9. Sky Bear
  10. Hungry Girl

These are just a few of Twitart's clients – a list that is growing fast. If you want, you can check out all of Twitart's clients.

I really think Kaufman is on to something here – I've already asked him for a job. I can really see this thing taking off. Twitter has EXPLODED in popularity over the last year, growing by like 1,300% or some crazy number like that. For just $88, you can get a custom avatar and a custom background on your Twitter page. Sounds like there might be lots of customers out there for Twitart. That's what me thinks.

What do you think? Tell us.

In the meantime, I need to have Kaufman hook up my badly neglected Twitter profile. I'll let you know when my profile has been Twitart'ed.

Until then, tweet in peace my friend. Oh, and you can find Kauf on Twitter via @TwitArtDotCom or @Kauf.

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  1. That’s our boy! And I loooooooooooove my background(s).

    Posted by: @klavaute | March 23, 2009
  2. Congrats Dr. Kauf! Well-deserved. I totally heart my TwitArt (hey, that rhymed!).

    Posted by: Ann-Marie | March 25, 2009

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