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April 1 brings some pretty cool stuff from some pretty cool sites

April Fools Upside Down YoutubeUpside down Youtube? The Guardian abandons its print edition to go "fully Twitter"? Amazon launches a new cloud computing service and Google master artificial intelligence?


What a coincidence all this amazing stuff (and much more) is happening today! You can read the entire list of the top April 1 stuff on Techcrunch.

My fav is by far the Youtube upsidedown thing. It's hillarious. Here is our Quicken Loans Deposit video upside down. You can do this to any video, for today at least.

I love it

Happy April Fools day! By the way, what did Quicken Loans do to celebrate April Fools day? Not much other than to offer America the lowest mortgage rates in almost 40 years. And that ain't no joke!

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