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Every Day is Earth Day at Quicken Loans!

Green Quiz

We love Earth Day. It's a great time to look back at the year and see what kind of progress we've made in our continual "Go Green" efforts!

This year we made it easier to recycle in our kitchens by supplying recyle bins, we provided a forum for people to hook up with carpooling buddies, and we implemented technology that powers off our computers at night - saving energy as well as saving the company money.

And we're always looking to improve. Recently we met with Choose Renewables for a building walk through. They provided us with several power saving options that we're beginning to implement. And we're also in the process of adding styrofoam recycling to our recyling repertoire.

We're also working with Choose Renewables to help us make smart choices as we plan our move to downtown Detroit. We want to make use of the latest technologies in our new space to reduce power consumption and utilize earth-friendly materials whenever possible.

Wondering about your own efforts to go green? On Quizzle, our home and money website, we've developed a Green Quiz with the help of Choose Renewable. The quiz helps you evaluate the "greeness" of your home and lifestyle. Answer a few questions, and you'll get a Green Score! It's a great tool to see how you compare to other homeowners, and to see what areas of your home and life could use some green love.

We look forward to reporting more great news about our ongoing green efforts. Got any green tips? Celebrate Earth Day by sharing some inspiration!

Happy Earth Day!

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