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Fathead Tradeables reviewed on Beckett.com

Editor Chris Olds & Marketing Analyst Brian Fleischer from Beckett Media recently did an awesome video review for Quicken Loans sister company Fathead! Their review series is called Box Busters and on this installment, they reviewed Fathead Tradeables, which are 5"x7" peel-n-stick vinyl reusable vinyl graphics that come with a secret code to unlock fun on Tradeables.com. They really explain the Tradeables well in the review, so watch the video to learn more. Beckett.com is the #1 authority on sports collectibles, so we're so psyched they like Tradeables.

And if you're interested in buying the Tradeables or Fatheads, check out our online store. Thanks to Chris, Brian and Beckett Media for the review!

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