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Detroit Free Press DIFF story: Nurse Susan Zayan saves a life

From Detroit Free Press: Susan the Nurse Saves A Life I read the Detroit Free Press online everyday. In a city where so much happens every day, I am rarely caught off guard anymore. Today, I was pleasantly surprised.

This morning, the Freep featured a story about Susan Zayan. She is a nurse with the St. Joseph Mercy Health System. And yesterday she saved a man's life while not on the clock. Scott Parker had gotten out of his car to check his windshield wipers when he was hit by a semi-truck. By the time Susan got to him, he'd already lost a lot of blood from a main artery in his leg that had been severed.

Susan sprung into action and did all she could to minimize the blood loss while the ambulance was en route. She even did double-duty, keeping Scott's wife calm and having her keep her husband alert.

In the end, Scott lived. He was transported to the hospital and is doing much better now. But without the help of Susan, the story could have ended very differently.

So hats off to Susan, who is definitely The DIFF!  She took the time to help a stranger in need and ended up saving his life.

Read this great story in its entirety in this Detroit Free Press article.

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