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Make Your Own Bag – With Recycled Materials!

Freitag Bags - DIY and earth friendly!

I am so psyched about my new bag.

I've been in the market for awhile to find a new bag. My requirements: messenger style, hold a lot, and preferably be earth friendly in some respect. I had been researching solar powered bags, and also looking at bags made with recycled materials. I mulled and dreamed and shopped, and never could really make the committment.

Finally, while travelling recently in England, necessity pushed my bag-acquisition pursuits into high gear, as the bag I had was just not cutting it for holding the guide books, umbrella, and other accoutremount I needed for urban adventuring. I spied many Freitag bags in the backs and shoulders of Londoners, including on one of my hosts, and mentioned I'd love to have one. They took me to a couple of cool shops in Soho and helped me pick out my practical souvenir…an expandable, durable messenger bag with multiple comparments.

I was so impressed with my bag that I wanted to learn more about the company. I learned that Freitag was started in 1993 when brothers Markus and Daniel Freitag, who are designers, whipped up a  bag for carrying their design documents on their bicycles in the drizzly Swiss weather. They used a colorful, recycled truck tarp, old seat belts, and the inner tube of an old bike tire for edging.

A great idea was born, and they went on to create dozens of different products using these same durable, recycled materials.  Sixteen years later, Freitag bags are still made in Switzerland, have acheived intenational recognition, and are copied throughout the world.

When I bought my bag, my friends helped me pick one out. We must've spent three hours, at two stores, before I landed on my choice – a red and white number that my coworkers tell me reminds them of a pizza delivery bag!

Despite my coworkers'  speculation that I have a side job, I love my bag! BUT, little did I know at the time that I could've designed my own! Besides Freitag's progressive use discarded materials, they also offer a very cool Do-It-Yourself feature on their website, allowing customers to choose their own materials based on what they have in the factory. They show you what truck tarps they have on hand, provide a tool for "cutting" the shapes you want, and offer suggestions for which cuts make the best designs. From your selection, they'll make your bag!

Freitag offers a great product, using a smart combination of Eco-friendly materials and DIY technology. Check it out! And the next time you buy a bag, consider showing your support to companies like Freitag, who not only offer environmentlally freindly products, but also use technologies that let you be in the driver's seat!

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  1. So cool! I’ve seen these bags and love the idea you can design your own.

    Posted by: Rebecca | April 21, 2009
  2. Brand-name friends like the package, my company specializes in doing all kinds of brand-name bags, quality assurance, price concessions, but can be customized to each package for more than five, welcome you to our website to see! Thanks!

    Posted by: World famous packages like | April 26, 2009
  3. By the way, those bags might be cool but are millionaire friendly bags, so thats where the eco-crap ends.

    Posted by: Franz | May 3, 2016

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