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Congrats to Dave Bing – Detroit’s new Mayor

Quicken Loans Congratulates Detroit Mayor Dave BingJust a quick congratulations and "good luck" to new Detroit Mayor Dave Bing, who beat out interim Detroit Mayor Ken Cockrel in a special election yesterday. It was the first time in Detroit's history that a special election was called to replace a mayor.

This officially (as far as I'm concerned) ends the Kilpatrick saga once and for all. No more being the butt of jokes from late night talk hosts. No more hip hop gangsta stuff in city hall. No more scandals and cover ups and then scandals from the cover ups and then more cover ups from the scandals. It's over.

Now, Mayor Dave Bing, a former NBA superstar with the Detroit Pistons and now a big time businessman in the area, has the reigns.

Congratulations and good luck Mayor Bing.

We're all hoping you can give us a winner.

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  1. What are the 3 main issues you would like him to solve as mayor?

    Posted by: Mark | May 7, 2009
  2. 1) Balance the budget. The city of Detroit is 100s of millions in debt. That’s the first priority.
    2) Fix the schools. You can have a thriving city with schools in termoil.
    3) With the money he has, prioritize the budget to deal with crime, transportation, cleanliness and development.
    Those are big picture ideas, but there is no question this is the place to start.

    Posted by: Clayton | May 7, 2009

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