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Detroit Free Press writers win the Pulitzer for text message scandal investigation

Free Press Pulitzer awarded for text message scandal coverageThis actually happened last week, but I wanted to make sure it got a quick mention on the DIFF blog.

Two Detroit Free Press reporters, Jim Schaefer and M.L. Erick, won the coveted Pulitzer (journalism's highest award) for their investigative reporting and coverage of the Kwame Kilpatrick text message scandal.

The citizens of Detroit should all thank Schaefer and Erick, whose work uncovered a multi-million dollar cover-up of the firings of police officials. The scandal effectively ended the disastrous reign of the Kilpatrick administration.

Next week, Detroit will pick a new mayor and I'm very pleased that both candidates will be a hugh improvement over the past and will signal a new beginning for Detroit.  

You can read the full coverage of the Pulitizer win at the Detroit Free Press. It's only the 9th Pulitzer in the Detroit Free Press' history. Interestingly enough, I can't find anywhere that says that the Detroit News has ever won one.

Congratulations Jim Schaefer and M.L. Erick.

And, yeah, and before I forget, as a Detroiter – thank you!

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