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How to build and launch a water rocket – from the technically-gifted folks at Quicken Loans

Check it out. Quicken Loans team members built and successfully deployed water rockets, using nothing but parts they found laying around their homes and the office. You can watch it in this pretty darn cool video below, or read this pdf of how a water rocket works, but first here is some info from Jona Jeffords, of the Quicken Loans IT team (he's one of the guys in the video):

Water rockets use compressed air and water in a pressure tank (the pop bottle) as their fuel. You first have to add some water to the bottle, then you put the rocket onto the launcher, make sure it seals fully to avoid leaking the water. Using a bicycle pump, pressurize the rocket (we did our launches at 80 PSI). When you are ready, pull the release mechanism to launch. What happens is the pressurized air tries to rush out the opening in the bottle, but it is slowed down by the water. As the air pushes the water out the opening, this create thrust in the opposite direction (hopefully up) until all the water is expelled. Even after the fuel is gone, the bottle has momentum left from the thrust and continues to travel upwards until it stalls and begins falling back to earth.

Ok. Makes sense to me. Enough of the tech talk. Let's watch the first ever successful Quicken Loans water rocket launch:

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