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Local Detroit Area Woman Is “America’s Biggest Loser”

Detroit Area Women Wins America's Biggest LoserDetroit suburb Sterling Heights resident Helen Phillips (pictured at right, courtesty of NBC) is America's "Biggest Loser." And a quarter-million dollars richer, I might add.

It's not typical that being a big old loser, in fact the biggest loser in a group of losers, is the key to being a winner. But don't tell that to Helen Phillips. She lost 140 lbs and is America's Biggest Loser. 

Here's more from WWJ Radio's website:

The 48 year-old Sterling Heights woman won this season's weight-loss competition on NBC-TV Tuesday night, losing the greatest percentage of weight to take home the $250,000 top prize.  The retired retail manager lost 54.47% of her weight and now tips the scales at a mere 117 pounds.  She lost 140 pounds during the 20-week competition.

"I haven't worn a dress in at least 10 years," she said. "It was just wonderful. I actually feel beautiful today.  I haven't felt that in a really long time."

Phillips' husband is in danger of losing his job when Chrysler's Sterling Heights assembly plant closes next year.  The contest had a decidedly Michigan flavor; Phillips won out over 19 year-old South Lyon resident Mike Morelli.   A New York woman came in third, while Morelli's father, South Lyon city councilman Ron Morelli, finished fourth.

Here is a rundown of how much each of the contestants lost this season.

Contestant/Start Weight/End Weight/Pounds Lost /Percentage Lost:

  • Helen: 257-117=140 (54.47%)
  • Mike: 388-181=207 (53.35%)
  • Tara: 294-139=155 (52.72%)
  • Jerry: 369-192=177 (47.97%)
  • Kristin: 360-193=167 (46.39%)
  • Nicole: 269-146=123 (45.72%)
  • Ron: 430-238=192 (44.65%)
  • Sione: 372-226=146 (39.25%)
  • Dane: 412-258=154 (37.38%)
  • Filipe: 364-229=135 (37.09%)
  • Damien: 381-245=136 (35.70%)
  • Daniel: 454-293=161 (35.46%)
  • Mandi: 263-171=92 (34.98%)
  • Estella: 242-159=83 (34.30%)
  • Carla: 379-251=128 (33.77%)
  • Shanon: 283-191=92 (32.51%)
  • Cathy: 293-198=95 (32.42%)
  • Blaine: 365-249=116 (31.78%)
  • Laura: 285-199=86 (30.18%)
  • Joelle: 309-229=80 (25.89%)
  • Aubrey: 249-194=55 (22.09%)
  • David: 393-350=43 (10.94%)

Congratulations to all the contestants and their incredible weight losses. This is one time when being a loser is a VERY good thing!

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