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Why I and Everyone Else Love Detroit

Why I and Everyone Else Love Detroit

Detroit is commonly pegged as a run-down city with little to offer. And to the untrained eye, that might seem accurate, but look beneath the surface and you’ll find a different story. The people of Detroit are what truly make it a city worth living in.

CNN recently did a piece on the city called Why I Love Detroit. It covers the stories of 13 residents and why they choose to stay, when many other choose to leave.

Everyone lists their favorite spot in the city as well as why the love Detroit, and the answers run the gamut.  From Michigan Avenue to Eastern Market and everything in between, the residents acknowledge the city’s hardships while celebrating its rich history, exciting culture and everything else that makes the city great.

Check out the entire series here:

Why I Love Detroit: 13 stories

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  1. I looked through these and two things popped in my head.
    1) None of these guys mentioned the close proximity to the Great Lakes. To me, that’s the #1 reason why I love this area. There is nothing better than swimming in the clear blue waters of Lake Michigan or Lake Huron on a hot summer’s day. And both are just a few hours drive from Detroit. They are like oceans without animals that bite. Who wouldn’t like that? I’ve even seen surfers in Lake Michigan (during storms, I admit), believe it or not.
    2) Are these folks all Detroit residents or Greater Detroit residents? Big difference and it’s not clear.

    Posted by: Clayton | May 8, 2009

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