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Domino’s and “The Hut” embrace Social Media – The first battle in the On-line Pizza War?

Domino's and Pizza Hut embrace Social Media

A couple of months ago people were eyeballing Domino’s Pizza with skepticism following a nasty scandal involving some really goss employees via an instantly viral Youtube video.

Following the first days of the scandal’s erruption, Domino’s debuted on Twitter to join in the million or so conversations about the topic, amid some snickers of “better late than never.”

Today Dominos has redeemed itself in the social media space by unveiling their new buzz-worthy pizza tracking system via web cast amid flurries of diverse blog and microblog coverage. The ripples could be heard from Gizmodo to C-Net. They even tweeted a ten dollar coupon deal to their loyal twitter followers (for the first 499 respondents).

While the news didn’t hit the trending topics like the more scandalous news of weeks before (bad news always travels fastest), it was still a great effort to showcase more positive developments about the company.

And let’s not forget the tracker itself! Integration with Tivo and the creation of a new facebook app are just some of the ways Domino’s is expressing it’s devotion to cutting edge service!

Well done, Domino’s! Surely your clever online marketing and innovation application of technology to pizza will win you some new fans.

But watch your back!

Not to be outdone, Pizza Hut announced free pizza rolls to its Facebook fans and Twitter followers to commemorate reaching one million Facebook fans, as well as the hiring of its first “Twintern” to maintain the @pizzahut Twitter account (much more appropriately named than the @DPZinfo account that curiously represents Domino’s Twitter presense.)

Yes, it’s a pizza war, but it’s a fight that benefits pizza consumers across the nation! Enjoy!

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