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popchips Goes the Extra Mile on Taste and Service

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I love a good chip. But unfortunately good chips don’t really love me. The best ones always seem to be the ones with the worst nutrition facts.

I was resigned to simply limit my intake until I saw a post about popchips on Consumerist.
Apparently, not only are there chips really good but they’ve got lots of other stuff going for them too. They’ve got about the same amount of fat as baked chips but all the taste of fried chips. And on the business end, they’ve got superstar customer service and talented copywriters for their website, popchips.com. They even ventured to call themselves, “all that and a bag of chips” :-)

I haven’t tasted popchips yet, but believe me when I tell you I’ll be picking some up as soon as I can find them.

Have you tasted them yet? Any flavor recommendations?

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  1. I love Popchips! Barbecue is very good. You would think you would have to give up flavor for health, but not with Popchips. We can’t get them in Vancouver, Canada yet, but I was able to stock up in Bellingham, WA a couple of weeks ago at Trader Joes. Sounds like an ad for them, but I really just want them in Canada ASAP.

    Posted by: Greg Scott | June 22, 2009

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