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Quicken Loans Helps out at Career Day and Gets Something in Return

Quicken Loans does Career Day at Blair Moody Elementary in Taylor, MI Career day at Blair Moody Elementary School was truly a day to remember. Myself, Rebecca, Kelly and her brother Matt took a few hours to visit with the students there and talk to them about their future careers. All of the students were very well behaved and had plenty of good questions up their sleeves.

Although we had a great time I have to admit we weren’t, by far, the coolest act in the house. The firefighters came complete with their bright red fire engine and the police officers came with their official police dogs in tow.

Quicken Loans does Career Day at Blair Moody Elementary in Taylor, MI Despite our lack of props and puppies, the students still seemed to like us and participated during our sessions. We gave them lots of information about what we do and just to be sure they were really paying attention, we quizzed them at the end. Let’s just say there were plenty of arms anxiously waving in the air to answer the questions and lots of candy passed around the room as rewards for correct responses.
At the end of career day, I think I speak for all of us when I say we had a great time and would absolutely participate again.

Then, a few weeks later I got a pleasant little surprise in my mailbox.
Thank you cards!

Thank You CardsThe students made thank you cards for all of the career day participants. There’s something about unexpected gifts of construction paper and crayon that just brighten up a person’s day. If I wasn’t so sure about participating again, this certainly sealed my commitment.

Thanks again Blair Moody for inviting us and being such wonderful hosts!

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