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Quicken Loans Social Media Training Day

Introducing...Matt in a suit!

As an on-line company, Quicken Loans likes to be everywhere our clients are, that's why we have a presence on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and in blogs. We want to be available to answer questions and get feedback for how we can be the best we can be as a company.

It's great when we're recognized for all the work we do to serve our clients online, like this week when our Chief Twitterer Kelly LaVaute was recognized by Media Bistro, InternetNews.com and Marketing Pilgrim for the amazing level of customer service that happens in the Twitter space in our name.

And while it's important we work diligently every day to show the world what a great company we are, it's also important that team members of the company recognize the power of the Internet and the importance of their own personal "brands" on-line.

New Bankers Learn the Importance of Social Media

Matt Presents

To that end, today our very own Matt Cardwell leads a presentation to our newest orientation class about the rising importance of Social Media and just how powerful the Internet can be to our business.

Hope it's going well, Matt! And thanks for the pictures, Steve!

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