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Canine to Five – Detroit’s coolest doggy day care featured on CNN Money

Canine to Five, my favorite Detroit dog day care (and night care for that matter) was recently featured on CNN Money as a business that is beating the recession.

That's cool. I'm glad they are doing great because I really like this business and I hope they continue to grow for a long time.  Here's why I like them:

  • They offer a good service at reasonable rates
  • They have invested in a pretty run down part of Detroit and replaced an abandoned building with a thriving business
  • The owner(s) and workers are always nice and very friendly
  • They have a really cool Saturday morning dog park where you can take your dogs and meet cool people
  • They get involved in the Detroit community and support local causes
  • Rumor has it there will be a discount for Quicken Loans employees when we move downtown (sweet!)

I've attended the Saturday dog park several times and I've used Canine to Five for weekend boarding and for a dog training class I can say my dogs really seem to like the place. Here's the video of Canine to Five on CNN Money. Congrats to Liz and the staff over there. Excellent publicity for an awesome local business!

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