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Favorpals, a world without money

Favor Pals is The DIFFSo I was perusing the lovely World Wide Web and came across this site that in the current state of the economy appears to be genius: Favorpals, a world without money.  It’s a website that allows people across the country or across town to trade their skills.  Instead of paying for things you need with cash, you can pay with a favor. 

Right now a guy in Massachusetts without health insurance needs a dentist.  So he’s offering his skills as an organic landscaper as payment. 

An avid reader and internet usability pro (someone who tests how functional websites are) in San Francisco traded skills for books.

Need a handyman?  Well, can you clean or cut hair or teach someone computer skills?  Then offer up a trade!  And if you think that there’s nothing you can offer for the things you want, Favorpals offers a great list of ideas.  Help move furniture, set up for a party, drop someone off at the airport, or offer a sympathetic ear.

You can browse favors by location, category or how recently they were posted.  The site also has a section where you can trade your skills with charity organizations for “good karma”.   

So the next time you start thinking about the things you might need and how you’re going to pay for them, think about offering up a trade instead and imagine a DIFFerent kind of world, one without money. 

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  1. what about the cost of raw materials? The organic landscaper would obviously need money for plant’s etc.
    interesting idea though

    Posted by: Mark | July 20, 2009

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