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Odwalla Plant a Tree Program: Plant Trees with Odwalla for free!

Quicken Loans DIFF blog tells you how to plant a tree for free with Odwalla I'm no gardener. But I'm darn good at clicking a mouse. I can even plant a tree with it! No, I'm not crazy. Well, sort of. But that's besides the point.

Check out this very DIFF-tastic movement from the juicy people at Odwalla – by just visiting their site and clicking a button, you can plant a tree!

More from the Odwalla tree planting page:

Planting a tree on your behalf is our way of saying thank you for choosing Odwalla!

The Odwalla Plant a Tree program is available May 27, 2009 through
December 31, 2009. When you choose a participating park system for your
tree (CA, CO, FL, MI, MD, NY, OH, PA, TX, UT, VA), Odwalla will donate
$1.00 towards the purchase of a tree to the state parks in that state
on your behalf. Only one click allowed per person. Participants pay no
money under this program. The cost of the donated trees will be paid
solely by Odwalla, Inc., up to $100,000 worth of trees. Tree costs
generally range from $.25 to $1.20.

Awesome! So go check it out, pick your state of choice and plant a tree! It's http://www.parkvisitor.com/odwalla/

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