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Quizzle now offers $7 credit reports if one free credit report every six months isn’t good enough

Quizzle (powered by Quicken Loans) is here!Check this out.

Quizzle – everyone's favorite place to get a free credit report every six months now offers something really cool. A chance to get a credit report and score for just $7 in case the free one every six months isn't good enough.

Suppose you need to know your score and don't want to sign up for one of those expensive credit report services? Or pay 15 or 20 bucks for a report from another website? And you've already used your Quizzle free credit score and it will be several months before you're eligible for another? What do you do? Pay 15 or 20 bucks for your credit score and report? Sign up for an expensive service? No, silly. You get the super cheap $7 Quizzle credit report and score.

Just seven bucks and you'll know if all is ok in your credit world. You'll be able to verify all open accounts and check for any errors. You might save yourself a lot of hassle and trouble if you find a problem (or notice some sort of credit fraud) and you're able to take care of it before it causes any serious headaches.

That's worth seven dollars, isn't it?

Just to www.quizzle.com for more info about this great new offer from our friends at Quizzle.

Quizzle interesting fact of the day: the guy who designed Quizzle also designed this blog. None other than the one and only Chris Kaufman. Wow. Bet you didn't know that, huh?

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  1. Sounds like that might be a good deal.

    Posted by: Sam | July 11, 2009
  2. that would sort of be the (word removed because it’s a bad word – sorry Sam, you can’t use words like that here)!

    Posted by: sam | July 13, 2009
  3. i read your blog and i think that In this blog you have given very good information about Credit report like expensive credit report of the people..

    Posted by: Credit reportĀ  | August 12, 2009
  4. You used to be able to get your credit report for free DAILY from quizzle, so this is not a good deal.

    Posted by: Tommy | March 4, 2010

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