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A Twitter success story – how Biggby Coffee made good

Twitter Tales from Quicken Loans - How Bigby Coffee Did The Right ThingBy Stuart Davis

I have previously written about the beginnings of an addiction to Twitter, my fascination with a social media virtual meetup, and the application of social media engagement to assist entrepreneurial success

At Quicken Loans, we utilize twitter and other social media venues as a part of our marketing strategies and client service.  We have quite a few stories regaling our abilities to help clients through our process successfully.  I think that it is amazing that companies are out there listening and willing to take action when needed.

I recently had a series of events transpire that started off as a simple complaint and turned into a fabulous outcome.  It is this one story that I will reveal to you in some detail so that we can see the power of social customer service on a person to person level.

About a month ago, I headed out of the house to enjoy my day.  On my list of things to do were:

  • Get a good cup of coffee
  • Get the oil changed in my car
  • Walk around the Ann Arbor Art Fair.

To obtain my coffee, I decided to head to a Biggby Coffee that is right around the corner from my house.  I like their coffee and I like to support Michigan businesses when I have the choice.  As I was waiting in line, I opened my wallet to get out some cash and was enthralled by the fact that I had a fully stamped Biggby Coffee card which now entitles me to a free drink.  I presented the card to the barista and asked for a large coffee.  She looked at the card and proceeded to tell me that Biggby had changed over to electronic cards and that there was nothing that she could do to help me use the card. 

I was taken aback and continued pushing the matter with increasing levels of frustration that I am sure was made evident by my voice and actions.  The barista told me that the switch happened in January which made me even angrier because I had certainly been in there since that point in time.  With no resolution in sight, I gave up the quest for coffee and headed off to the oil change and art fair.

While at the art fair, I came across Espresso Royale and realized that I needed to get my caffeine fix before my body decided to enter withdrawal and throw a headache into high gear.  Still steamed about my previous experience, I told their barista the story.  I purchased a small coffee and the gentleman handed me a large cup as a simple token.  This made my day better, but I still felt a little betrayed.
The more and more that I thought about it, I remembered that the CEO of Biggby has an account on Twitter.  I always enjoyed reading his little posts and wondered if the world of social client service had spread beyond Quicken Loans

I decided to engage in a dialogue with BiggbyBob on Twitter:

FROM ME: @BiggbyBob I got denied at biggby today. Went in with a fully stamped paper card and they couldn’t help me cause they switch to electronic (1:29 PM Jul 18th)

FROM ME: @BiggbyBob – Told espresso royale what happened – payed for a small and they gave me a large… small effort – long time reward. (1:32 PM Jul 18th)

Then… we wait:

FROM BIGGBYBOB: @stuartmdavis Hey Stuart, I can help you with your paper card. Sorry about your visit. Denied shouldn’t B in our language @T_C_B  (7:38 AM Jul 19th)

BiggyBob has gone down the right path.  He has now looped in @T_C_B who is the VP of Operations at Biggby Coffee.

FROM T_C_B: @stuartmdavis drop me an email with what happened at [email removed] and we will get you taken care of for sure! SORRY! (7:10 PM Jul 19th)

From this point on, Biggby Coffee did everything right to keep me as a customer.  I sent the email, T_C_B responded back, we came to an appropriate resolution and all was well with the caffeinated world.

Now, this post isn’t meant to encourage the masses to solve your difficult situations over Twitter.  Neither is it meant to convince you to go out and simply FIND a problem to solve in this matter.  This was a personal experiment and I was pleased by the results.  There are indeed other companies out there in the social media sphere that are using this “stuff” for both fun and business.

Coffee is a simple thing and I could have simply coughed up the money to get a cup of joe the first time around. Client relationships, however, are not always simple. We all need to listen and have a high sense of awareness. Somewhere out there is a client that simply wants to be heard.  Sometimes a resolution is had simply by acknowledging a client and offer to listen to them, not simply hear them, but listen to them. I know that my friends still ask me what this Twitter thing is all about. “Relationships” is one key answer to that question.

So…are you listening?  Truly listening?

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  1. I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don’t know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.

    Posted by: Sara | August 7, 2009
  2. I recently went into a Biggby with a paper card partialy stamped, presented it for a stamp, and they gave me a plastic one with the credits transferred to it. I’d like to think it was just one employee in this case. I LOVE Biggby and am happy to hear that the story resolved with satisfaction for everyone!

    Posted by: Rebecca | August 7, 2009
  3. Wasn’t it Espresso Royale who really understood the value of a customer relationship?
    To Rebecca’s point it might just be the case of one employee. It is still clear that Espresso Royale is staffing better than Biggby.

    Posted by: Mark | August 10, 2009
  4. Ok I disagree, Biggby has definitely had better customer service than Espresso Royale in my experience. Although Sweetwaters is an all time favorite, Biggby would come in second if Starbucks wasn’t in closer proximity.

    Posted by: Jenny | August 11, 2009
  5. What do you guys think of Mills coffee? We roast our own here. Place called TLC Coffee Roasters in RI. But someone said we should consider Mills.

    Posted by: Bill | September 2, 2009
  6. Biggby gets an A+ for customer service, and that starts at the top!

    A couple years ago, Biggby Bob was speaking at a conference (which was one of the deciding factors for me to go). I had wanted to meet him for some time as my PR business is all about Michigan companies!

    My encounter with him was most memorable. I was standing near the registration desk (holding a Starbucks…uggg…the only coffee shop in the hotel) when he walked up. I casually slipped my left hand (with the coffee) behind my back and shook his hand as I introduced myself.

    A short time later, I was in my hotel room and I tweeted out something like “Highlight of the day: Meeting @BiggbyBob. Embarrassment of the day: While holding a #Starbucks”. Of course Bob saw this and tweeted back something humorous.

    Later that night at dinner, I spoke with him again and we chuckled about our earlier interactions, exchanged business cards for future reference and went about our evening. A week later, a Biggby travel coffee mug arrived at my house! Guess I won’t get caught in that same coffee faux pas situation again!

    Posted by: Dianna Stampfler | September 29, 2015
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