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Coach Handbags: An Affordable Status Symbol?

Coach Handbags: An Affordable Status Symbol?

Is it just me, or are Coach purses becoming ever more popular?  I remember six or seven years ago, I was flabbergasted the first time I walked into a Coach store and saw the prices.  To pay anywhere from $200-$700 for a single accessory seemed crazy at the time. 

Today, Coach has become the norm.  Women swarm into Coach outlets and buy handbags, coats, shoes, and matching wallets.  People can’t get enough of this stuff. 

The best part is, you can’t even stop at one – people own five or six of them with matching wallets.  I personally stopped after multiple handbags, a belt, a coat, and a few wallets and wristlets. 

If you live around a college campus you notice Coach has become the uniform for many college students – the required piece to add to existing a Northface fleece jacket, Ugg boots, and black leggings every winter.

So why has a purse become the one accessory everyone uses as a status symbol?  In colleges it makes sense because many people don’t drive, so the single item you carry daily becomes important.  But for everyone else Coach is almost a must, that is if you haven’t already gone beyond to Gucci, Burberry, or Louie Vitton.

For many women, shoes and handbags are areas for splurging.  Maybe it’s the fact that no one will judge you on wearing the same purse and shoes every day, but not the same clothes.

I recently walked into a Coach outlet, the prices were significantly reduced.  Years ago, you didn’t find a designer handbag on sale for 60% off.  My dog even has a Coach collar – it was $20, I wanted to get him a matching leash for another $20 but he’d just chew it up.  Either way, Coach no longer breaks the bank.  If you hit their outlets, handbags now range from $70-$300.  So maybe we can contribute the newfound frenzy to lowered pricing. 

Many companies have struggled to keep pricing high during a recession; they do this of course to maintain exclusivity.  It’ll be interesting to find out if Coach can keep its designer status while being relatively affordable.  Or will it be deemed common and thus lose its popularity?  Do products such as purses have to be expensive to maintain its high end status?

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