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Decorated Cupcakes: Brainless or a Mental Defense?

Decorated cupcake Cinderella's CoachOk so I love food.  Like, I watch Food Network when I’m by myself at home because I don’t like cheesy dramas, horrors, and reality TV is replayed too often.  Oh, and news, CNN, etc are just too intellectual for me when I want to relax.  I really started watching brainless TV after college started, before then I was still trying to be smart and relate with current news, politics, etc.  But once college began, after the weekly 300+ pages of reading, the last thing I wanted to do was learn.  In comes Flavor of Love, and the many other tacky reality TV put on by VH1 to exploit the lower class.  But eventually, even that got old, so now one of my favorite shows is Ace of Cakes. 

I love this show because #1 you don’t have to think.  It takes about as much brain power as thoughts such as: “Ooo pretty…”  Secondly, I love cooking and especially baking, it’s what I do when I’m feeling antisocial but bored.   And in my browsing, I came across this amazing post called 20 Tasty Cupcakes.  These people are talented; I could never do all that to a cupcake.

But beyond that, this post also proves (or maybe I’m delusional) that Americans today enjoy simple brainless activity during their free time.  After all, this is just pictures of cupcakes, but it’s rated with 5/5 stars on stumbleupon.com which has gotta be worth something right?  Even among the entries containing cupcakes, the ones without recipes, words, and descriptions get more stars, comments, and retweets. 

But bottom line, I think with the increasing new reality TV shows, movies loaded with bad slapstick humor, and the most popular blogs being the wordless ones such as this – we are either becoming less intelligent or merely reacting to a busier, more intellectual life to which we must compensate with brainless entertainment.  I prefer to think the latter is true.

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  1. Is that coach made of frosting!?

    Posted by: Mark | August 11, 2009
  2. +1 for providing brainless entertainment from Stumbleupon. If only mortgages were made of cake…

    Posted by: Shantel Spears | August 11, 2009

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