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Guffly: Good Stuff for Good Living

Guffly.com launches - Guffly is a one product per day online store and community featuring eco friendly productsQuicken Loans is proud to announce the launch of Guffly.com – one of the brightest and boldest businesses from our Bizdom U students.

(If you're all, "Hold up, what's Bizdom U?" go learn more about the Detroit school for entrepreneurs from Quicken Loans Chairman Dan Gilbert here.) 

Here is more about Guffly from their press release:

Guffly founders, Jordan Contreras and Chanell Scott, are graduates of
Bizdom U, the Detroit based entrepreneurial academy founded by Dan
Gilbert. In February 2008, Contreras and Scott began an eco-friendly
blog and quickly garnered a following of hip, eco-friendly consumers
with a conscious. Through listening to their audience and other
research, they discovered that while the eco-friendly product market is
growing, many items are not appealing to the young, stylish, and urban
demographic – Guffly plans to change this. Each day, Guffly will
feature a new stylish, eco-friendly product. During that time, visitors
to the site can view the product, read comments about it, talk about
it, and buy it.

"We have created an online store and community where it is easy for
people to find eco-friendly products that actually look cool and fit
into a modern lifestyle," says Scott, Guffly's CEO. "We have created
relationships with people that create simply amazing eco-friendly
products that we are excited to bring to the daily lives of the modern

To reduce its environmental impact and provide fast service to
customers, Guffly uses drop shipping directly from suppliers. This
concept is integral to a green business model and offers lower shipping
costs, which benefit the customer, and reduces carbon dioxide
emissions, which benefits the environment. Additionally, Guffly checks
all suppliers to ensure their eco-friendly products are truly green,
sustainable, or fair trade.

Totally the DIFF, right? We think so too. So go check them out (everyday if you can, there's something spankin' new all the time!) and not only will you be more environmentally-friendly, you'll be stylish and trendy as well.

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