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Miracle Treat Day at Dairy Queen – Buy a Blizzard today to benefit Children’s Miracle Network!

Miracle Treat Day from Dairy Queen to benefit Children's Miracle Network

Alright loyal DIFF readers – this is probably the only time we'll tell you that you can eat ice cream and still feel really good about it.

Sometime today, head up to your local Dairy Queen and indulge in one of their many Blizzard options. The sweet blend of ice cream and treats will not only taste delicious, but a portion of your money ($1 or more) will go straight to benefit the Children's Miracle Network. Proof of the awesomeness at Dairy Queen? Since 1984, DQ has donated over $77 million to the Children's Miracle Network. DIFFabulous.

Visit www.MiracleTreatDay.com for more details.

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