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Goodbye to the Detroit Festival of the Arts and the Michigan State Fair

Bad economy takes it toll on the Detroit Festival of the Arts and the Michigan State FairThe bad economy has taken its toll once again on the Detroit area.

Two mainstays of art and culture in the Detroit area have met their demise and it's a shame.

The Detroit Festival of the Arts, a 22-year tradition in Detroit's Cultural Center (home of Wayne State University, the Detroit Institute of Arts, the Detroit Science Center, the Detroit African American Museum, the Detroit Historical Museum, the grand and beautiful Detroit Main Library, and the renowned College for Creative Studies), has been cancelled indefinitely. Consider it another victim of the demise of the U.S. Auto Industry, whose generous support made this and lots of other cultural events in the area possible.

Also, this was the last year of the Michigan State Fair, which has a history dating back 160 years. I grew up going to the Michigan State Fair, checking out the livestock, riding the rickty and more scary than they should have been rides, eating candied apples and enjoyiing stuff that was "Michigan." I even saw my first concert there (the Bay City Rollers – wow, that was a long time ago, folks). I'm not really sure why the State Fair ran out of money, but it did and now it's gone.

I suppose this type of thing is happening everywhere and it's not something unique to Detroit. Hopefully, when things turn around, these events will return, but I'm not holding my breath. I'm just sad and I hope the days of losing things that I think make life better are over soon.

To me, this is the stuff that makes life fun. That makes it interesting. When it goes away, something is lost and that's, well, just kind of sad.

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  1. Great website, informative!

    Posted by: Coach Purses | September 10, 2009
  2. Bummer. I’ll pour one out for the loss of the Detroit Festival of the Arts. I really enjoyed that festival, especially with it being in Guffly’s backyard.

    Posted by: Chanell | September 16, 2009

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