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Quicken Loans Security Team gets grilling and giving

Quicken Loans Security Team has a BBQ to benefit ALS

You know how Clayton wrote about our Walk for ALS the other day? Well, all the teams in the company have been individually hosting events, raffles and essentially stuffing us full of goodies to raise money to benefit ALS. Today our Security Team (who not only protect us physically, but on the interwebz as well) held a little BBQ in the scenic Quicken Loans parking lot at our Livonia HQ.

For just $4, you got a freshly grilled 1/4 lb hot dog, chips and a drink. And since it's still warm out here in Michigan, it felt awesome to nosh on some grilled goodness under the toasty sun. And if you got too warm, I did see some water balloons flying in some sort of game. I was too chicken to investigate.

Quicken Loans Security Team has a BBQ to benefit ALS

AND! Massages! What, you say? Seems a waste to spend money on a massage therapist, right? But nooooo! Among the talented individuals here at QL is a Client Relations Specialist named Sarah who moonlights as a certified massage therapist! She got to work by providing 5 minute massages for just $5. Talk about putting your talents to work for a good cause.

Security Team also nabbed some awesome Fatheads to raffle off. It's awesome to see the entire Quicken Loans family band together to do something good. And guess what? Tomorrow, the Marketing Team (including yours truly) is doing a Tailgate Potluck. You heard me – I'm cooking!

Check out these pics of today's Security Team event and stay tuned…I'm sure I'll have more tomorrow from Marketing's ALS potluck. And if you've got a dollar or two to donate, you can do so very easily on our page on the ALS website.

Quicken Loans Security Team has a BBQ to benefit ALS

Quicken Loans Security Team has a BBQ to benefit ALS

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