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Artie Lange Concert in Detroit to Benefit Quicken Loans Team Member Adam Niskar

Channel 4 WDIV interviews Adam Niskar at Quicken Loans office before Artie Lang Benefit Concert Just over 10 years, ago Quicken Loans team member Adam Niskar had a day that changed his life forever.

A day and a 10 year journey that is best explained in the words of his brother, Ross: 

It was an extremely hot summer and Adam attended a lake party with
friends. He decided to go swimming and, like he’d done many times
before, Adam went running off the dock.

This dive was different.

levels were dangerously low. Adam hit his head on the bottom of the
lake. What he thought was a safe level was only 30 inches of water.
After he hit the lake floor, he immediately knew something was wrong.

could not move his limbs. He was laying face down and in danger of
drowning. At first, his friends thought he was joking. But this was no

Realizing the seriousness of the situation,
Adam’s friends hurried to get him out of the water. Fortunately, a
doctor had shown up moments earlier. She was able to resuscitate Adam
before the paramedics arrived. Without her efforts, Adam would not be
here today.

He was rushed to the hospital, the extent of
the injury unknown. Two hours later, doctors told my family that Adam
would not walk again.

He was always a fighter. Since the
injury, Adam has demonstrated an incredible amount of mental and
physical strength. He spent three months in therapy at Craig Hospital
in Colorado learning how to approach life going forward.

years of improvising, overcoming and adapting, Adam is doing fantastic.
He uses courage and humor to overcome some of life’s hardest obstacles.
Adam lives independently. This includes driving, working out and being
a successful Sales Leader at Quicken Loans.

understands that this is a lifelong struggle and that he needs to stay
in top mental and physical shape. He’s constantly working out, watching
what he eats and doing whatever it takes to stay healthy. Adam always
makes himself available to other families that have endured a similar
crisis. No one expects this to happen to their family, so they do not
know where to get advice when it occurs. Adam’s strength and positive
attitude have made him a resource for these families. He gives them
hope in a time of need.

It is crucial for Adam to stay in
shape. Although there is no cure today, hopefully we are not too far
away from finding one. When that day comes, Adam will be ready.

In an effort to help Adam with ongoing medical costs, the "Friends for Adam Niskar" trust was founded. They've held events over the years but the upcoming one in Detroit is quite special. Comedian Artie Lange (of Howard Stern fame) is doing a benefit concert at Detroit Opera House this Friday, October 9. More about the benefit from Adam's brother: 

A long time fan of Comedian Artie Lange, I read his book – Too Fat to Fish-
and was touched by the love and respect he showed for his father. Artie
expressed just how difficult it was to see his hero paralyzed.

could personally related to his story. My brother, Adam Niskar, was
involved in a diving accident in 1999 and became paralyzed.

by Artie's story, I wrote a letter asking him whether we might
collaborate on an event that would promote his autobiography and also
benefit my brother.

Days later, Artie called me
personally. It was unbelievable, a true long shot. He offered to
perform for free and I have arranged the event. My family and I are
unbelievably grateful to Artie Lange and all those who support our
mission and have helped make this event possible.

Sooooo the DIFF! Artie is doing an amazing thing to benefit someone we're lucky enough to call a friend here at Quicken Loans.

To learn more about Adam, donate to the Friends for Adam Niskar trust or even secure tickets to the Artie Lange concert on Friday, visit www.friendsforadam.com. It's sure to be a fun night and most definitely benefits an amazing hero at Quicken Loans. You can also follow Friends For Adam on Twitter or  Facebook.

Also? The picture above is Adam being interviewed by Detroit's own Channel 4 WDIV at the Quicken Loans offices today. After I originally posted the pic to the Quicken Loans Twitter, Channel 4 tweeted back informing me that the interview will air tomorrow on the 6pm news. So be sure to tune in for that too!

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