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Unlock Your Inner Millionaire: win $1,000,000 or other instant prizes from Quicken Loans

Unlock Your Inner Millionaire sweepstakes from Quicken Loans

VISA gift cards! Fatheads! Free credit reports! One miiiiiiiiiiillion dollars (in my very best Dr. Evil voice)!

Do I sound like a bad email holed up in your Spam box? I'm not. I'm for real.

All that too-good-to-be-true stuff and more are coming from our cool new sweepstakes, "Unlock Your Inner Millionaire." And I mean, you already knew that the only place on the web to get a free credit report and score is from our partners at Quizzle. DUH!

Since I hate reinventing the wheel, copying here the PR Web Release of what the "Unlock Your Inner Millionaire" sweepstakes is all about, complete with a quote from our new CMO, Stu Davis.

Check it & go try to win a million dollars!

Quicken Loans today announced the launch of a new sweepstakes – "Unlock Your Inner Millionaire," which offers visitors the opportunity to win $1 million. Consumers interested in refinancing or purchasing a home can visit the site between October 1 and December 31, 2009 to enter.

The game, which is played entirely online, asks visitors to www.Quickenloans.com to select one of three keys then try to unlock the door of a number of homes for your chance to win. In addition to the $1 million grand prize, entrants can win other great rewards such as $2,000 Visa gift cards and hundreds of instant-win gift cards from Fathead, Xeko, Target and Amazon.com.

“The Unlock Your Inner Millionaire" sweepstakes is a great way to have a little fun, and potentially win some money, while also taking steps to make sure that you aren’t paying more for your home than you need,” said Stuart Davis, Quicken Loans’ Chief Marketing Officer. “The QuickenLoans.com Web site also offers consumers a number of tools to help understand their current mortgages, calculators for determining how much home they can responsibly afford, and news resources offering commentary on the latest trends in home finance.”

Visitors to the site can also choose to have a banker contact them about their mortgage and receive information on obtaining a free credit score and report through www.Quizzle.com.

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