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Adventures in corporate blogging – Quicken Loans Blog turns 3!

Quicken Loans blog is three!Wow. I can’t believe we launched this blog three years ago.

So much has changed since then.

Three whole years.

The original team that launched this with me has all gone on to new things, with the exception of Matt Cardwell, who actually came up with the idea for this blog and wrote the first ever DIFF post (he’s been back to the pizzeria five times since he wrote that and brought several people with him).

The mortgage industry has also changed tremendously in the past three years. I hope for the better.

When we launched the DIFF blog, it was part of a much larger recruiting campaign. When the economy went south, so did the recruiting campaign, but we decided to keep the blog going and just write about things we cared about. The emphasis of the blog stayed the same, finding things and people that we thought made a difference somehow, but the core reason to do it changed from influencing recruits to simply putting a human face on a then faceless company.

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