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Google Maps US Street View Special Collection – Vote Michigan!

Googles Maps' US Street View Special Collection - Vote Michigan!Got an email from my Twitter friend Charlie Wollborg of Curve Detroit last week.

Now, Charlie knows the interwebz and Charlie knows (probably all of) Metro Detroit, so I take his emails very seriously.

Because he's a serious dude.

Not really. He's actually a really funny guy who loves bacon.

But he is a total wealth of knowledge.

Charlie was writing me about this neat competition going on for certain places to be included in a special collection of Street View for Google Maps.

From the GOOG:

Thank you to everyone who sent suggestions for locations they'd like to
see photographed by the Street View trike. We were inundated by more
than 25,000 great ideas!

Now it's your turn to cast the final vote to tell us which locations you'd most like to see on Google Maps.

Explore the finalists listed below and shown on the map, then
cast your votes within each category. You can vote as many times as you
like until the deadline at 11:59pm PST, Monday, November 30th.

We'll work closely with the relevant organizations to secure permission to collect images of privately-owned locations.

Michigan is lucky enough to be in 2 categories: Michigan State in University Campuses and the Detroit Zoo in Theme Parks & Zoos. All it takes is a click to help the Great Lakes state win. Go here to vote. Let's make Michigan The DIFF!

And I totally agree with this last sentiment from Charlie: "Twitter, Facebook, email, blog or carrier
pigeon, help spread the word. This is a great positive PR opportunity for our
Go vote & share!

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