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How Safe Are Football Helmets? Xenith is Lowering the Risks of Injury With Their Newest Helmet Design.

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The Today Show discusses a new helmet designed to reduce football related head injuries.

Concussions go drastically unreported at High Schools because many believe you have to be unconscious to have one. There are a number of symptoms that can be a sign of a concussion. According to the Journal of Athletic Training approximately 55,000 concussions are experienced in High School football each year.

Xenith has created a new specialized helmet that is being used to minimize these risks of concussion. These helmets are equipped with compression shock absorbers that cushion much like an airbag in a car. Watch the video to learn more about the new helmet design and what schools are doing to get the helmets for their teams.

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  1. ..,helmet is indeed for the use not only for motors but also for sports purposes.. one thing is for sure helmets are for safety of the people…..

    Posted by: Novelty Helmets | February 4, 2010
  2. Xenith Football Helmets are Awesome!

    Honest they are the best football helmets I’ve ever seen and worn. Unfortunately I can’t say I’ve used it in a game yet, but can’t wait to try! They are quality are made from quality military grade materials and each helmet has its own serial number, so when the helmets are taken to be refurbished all of the parts go back to the same helmet it belongs to.

    Xenith Football Helmets are the best!

    Posted by: Adrian Davis | April 13, 2011

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