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Quicken Loans Coat Drive: what can you do with your lunch hour?

Quicken Loans coat drive to benefit Capuchin Soup Kitchen and Detroit Hispanic Development Corporation My lunchtime is usually reserved for me. It's a few moments to escape, get some fresh air, chat with some friends and snag some grub.

But yesterday, just before lunch, I got an email from one of my favorite project managers saying that she was was doing something slightly less self-serving on her lunch. Courtney wanted to hit some stores to support the new coat drive that Quicken Loans is doing.

Courtney sent out a 2 sentence email to some of the people around the area that we sit in and in less than 10 minutes, had over $100 to go spend on coats. So Courtney, me and one of our awesome BA's, Lisa, hit the road just after noon.
Through some thrifty moves and a lovely Kohl's employee who hooked us up, we managed to get 11 coats. 11! A little bit of money, a few people, an hour of time and we'll keep 11 kids warm this winter.

I know, I JUST KNOW that Quicken Loans is going to collect so many more coats, but it was just crazy to me how with just a little bit of time and a little bit of money we could do that much.
Trust me, we're not done. The entire company is on this mission. We'd like to invite you, too – we are collecting NEW coats on behalf of Capuchin Soup Kitchen and the Detroit Hispanic Development Corporation. The coats should be for high school-age children or younger. You can bring them to any of our Michigan locations until December 15. Questions? Kelly@QuickenLoans.com

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