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Detroit Doubletree Hotel welcomes Quicken Loans to Detroit with a treat

December Pictures at Quicken Loans 001 Earlier this week, Quicken Loan team members were greeted in the lobby by 4 members of the the Detroit Doubletree Hotel staff with around 600 freshly baked chocolate chip cookies!

The cookies were a welcoming gift to us at Quicken Loans, who will be
Doubletree's new neighbors when we relocate to downtown Detroit in
spring 2010!

Every Quicken Loans team member was handed a cookie in a Doubletree cookie sleeve and a flyer with more information about Doubletree's lovely downtown Detroit location.

Thanks Doubletree for cookies and satisfying some team members' morning hunger!

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  1. Merry Christmas in Advance everyone.

    Posted by: Masters Coursework | December 19, 2009

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