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Aruba Jeep Rental Done Right!

Aruba Jeep rental done right!One of the things I love writing about on this blog is great consumer stories.

The examples of when businesses, both small and large get it right and make me want to share.

That's what happened recently on my most awesome 10-day excursion to Aruba (check out the video below and you can see the Jeep!).

We found the best place to rent a jeep in Aruba, Value Aruba Car Rental. Value Aruba Car Rental is a small, family-owned business far off the main track and we only found it because my wife's due diligence in researching out Aruba jeep rental options. Her work paid off and saved us about $300.

That's right. By going with Value Aruba Car Rental, we paid $300 less than the big name brands (you know the ones I'm talking about) for our Jeep for one week. And I'm talking the EXACT same Jeep. The only difference was we paid $300 less than the big names wanted for the weekly rental.

We drove the Jeep all over the island and had the best time. Visited the Natural Pool, the California Lighthouse, drove the rugged north Aruba roads. Even toured the amazingly beautiful Arikok National Park. Did I mention the beaches? We took that darn Jeep to every beach in Aruba and loved them all.

Aruba is truly paradise and Value Aruba Car Rental is the way to go when wanting a vehicle to enjoy said paradise.

And the kicker. They drove us to the airport for free when we dropped off the Jeep. How's that for friendly island service.

Check them out when you go to Aruba. Tell them Clay C. sent you.

Oh yeah, here's the vid:

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  1. You can get rental Aruba for houses, jeeps , apartments and villas or resorts. These rentals are affordable and genuine. You can avail the driver facility with the rental jeep as he knows the route and will guide you well to explore the Aruba island. Apartments are well maintained with various facilities.

    Posted by: mattbrown | February 6, 2013
  2. Thanks so much about this car hiring services in Aruba.

    But some other parties also providing services from airport , PICK and Drop Off.
    Let have look on https://www.sunsetaruba.com/

    Posted by: sunset | December 14, 2015
  3. This is an older post, but anyone know if Value Aruba is still a great deal?

    Posted by: Jeep JK Parts & Mods | March 8, 2016

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