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Christmas Lights Galore

Every year around Christmas time, when I was little, my parents would drive my sister and I around town to look at all the Christmas lights people had put up. We were always amazed at the different lights people would use and the designs they would create. There were blue lights, multi-colored lights, white lights, big lights, and small lights; basic patterns around the edge of a house or lights wrapped around bushes and trees. However, there never was a house in my town that was quite as dedicated to their light display as the Trykoski Family from Frisco, Texas, shown in the video above.

The Trykoski Family's light show consists of over 75,000 lights that are synchronized to several different songs. Although, the family has been decorating their house with Christmas lights for a long time, they have only had their light display synchronized to music since 2004. They continue to change and make improvements to their design every year. 

One question that is brought to mind when watching the video is how the Trykoski family stands the flashing of lights from inside their house for the 4 hours it runs every night. Even so, I wish that someone in my town would have or could have put on such a show when I was little. Thanks Trykoski Family for making such a wonderful Christmas light display!

For more information on their light show and where it's located visit their site.

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