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Four Star Service From Botsford Hospital

Linda evans A couple of months ago, one of Quicken Loans own team members, Linda Evans, was told that she needed Gall Bladder surgery. Linda ended up going in for surgery at Botsford Hospital in Farmington Hills, MI. She had been to different hospitals in the area before, but she had never been to Botsford Hospital before this surgery.

Linda was surprised at the level of service she received at the hospital. Her surgeon, Dr. S Pastor, always greeted her with a smile on his face or a hug and made certain she didn’t worry about her upcoming surgery. Even after her surgery, her check-ups at the hospital were just as pleasant.

The most surprising part of the service Linda received happened last week on December 21st, months after her surgery took place. Linda received a phone call from a nurse at Botsford Hospital (Jan Shimmel). The nurse was calling to follow up on how Linda was feeling after the surgery, asked if she had any concerns and wished her well.

A big round of applause goes out to Botsford Hospital for taking great care of your clients. In the words of Linda Evans herself, “There is a hospital out there that doesn’t just treat you as a ‘patient’ but as a person and cares about you. Four stars from me.”

Pictured above is Linda Evans.

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